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To improve sustainable cooperation with our customers, we understand the importance of offering comprehensive solutions. With our online ordering system, you can easily identify the spare parts you need for your specific requirements. Our platform provides robust search and filtering capabilities, making it simple to locate the exact spare parts you are looking for.
Advanced Search Functionality
Our platform features an advanced search function that allows you to enter specific keywords, part numbers, or product descriptions to narrow down your search. This helps you quickly locate the spare parts relevant to your needs.
Filter Options
Our online ordering system offers various filter options to refine your search results further. You can filter spare parts by brand, model, category, specifications, and more. These filters enable you to quickly navigate through the available options and find the exact parts you require.
Effortless Order Placement
Our B2B portal allows our partners to easily place orders at any time, from any location. With just a few clicks, they can select from our extensive range of genuine spare parts, add them to their cart, and confirm their order.
Real-Time Order Status Tracking
Once an order is placed, our partners can track its status in real-time. Whether it's being prepared, dispatched, or on its way, our system provides timely updates so our partners can plan their operations accordingly.
Invoices & Packing Lists
To ensure seamless record-keeping, our system automatically generates detailed invoices and packing lists as soon as an order is confirmed. These documents can be accessed anytime and are stored in our system for future reference.
Price Lists
Recognizing the need for convenient and easy-to-use formats, our price lists are available for download as EXCEL files via our Online Ordering System. This allows our partners to easily integrate our pricing data into their own systems, facilitating smoother planning and budgeting processes.
Online Chat Support
If you encounter any difficulties or have questions while identifying spare parts, our technical support team is available to assist you. You can reach out to them for guidance, clarification, or any other assistance you may need during the ordering process.
We Grow Together.
By simplifying the ordering process, providing real-time updates, and maintaining transparency, our Ordering System embodies our commitment to leveraging technology to enhance our partners' experience. We continue to refine and update this system to meet the evolving needs of our partners and the industry at large.
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